Facets – Overall winner Driftwood and Sand 2024

On Hokitika Beach it is Driftwood and Sand Beach Art Festival time again, the last week in January 2024. Sunday 21 January – scoping the beach On my first exploration of the beach for inspiration and materials, I found there wasn’t a lot of big driftwood, just lots of scrappy Continue Reading →

Mantle – 0verall winner Driftwood and Sand 2023

Driftwood and Sand is a beach sculpture event held in the last week in January every year in Hokitika. Here is the story of my winning creation ‘Mantle’. Usually, I spend quite a lot of time beforehand walking on the beach, looking for materials and inspiration. But this year I Continue Reading →

“Exponential Growth” driftwood sculpture

This year’s entry in Driftwood and Sand, the annual beach sculpture event on Hokitika beach. I came across some of roots and/or vines while walking on the beach prior to the event and immediately saw the potential for random weaving. I did a trial sphere over a beach ball which Continue Reading →

“Tangaroa’s Tapestry” beach sculpture

The Driftwood and Sand beach sculpture event is held annually in the last week of January on Hokitika beach.  My entry this year was “Tangaroa’s Tapestry”  In mid-January I was walking on the beach and found quite a lot of seaweed which was unusual. I collected it up for my garden Continue Reading →

Beach sculpture – Driftwood and Sand – “Emerging” and “Fermentation”

Driftwood and Sand: 24-28 January 2020 I love creating sculptures on the beach at Hokitika for Driftwood and Sand, which is a beach sculpture event that is held in the last week of January each year. This year I made two sculptures from driftwood and harakeke – ‘Emerging” and “Fermentation”. Continue Reading →