Helter Skelter

Twined pot           20cm x 20cm x 20cm (base 15cm diameter)       $110 Handwoven by Anne Daniel in harakeke (NZ flax – phormium tenax) This pot is woven using shredded harakeke twined around strips of harakeke leaves. It is finished with a piece of paua. Contact me if you would like to Continue Reading →


Four-cornered flat-base kete       16cm x 34cm x 8cm       $120. Handwoven – harakeke (NZ flax – phormium tenax), paua shell. Contact me if you would like to purchase this kete or order something similar.

Handwoven discs

These discs are handwoven in harakeke (NZ flax – phormium tenax), using both natural and dyed material. Each disc is unique as the harakeke is dyed for each one. I can weave you a disc to order in terms of colour and size. All materials used have been boiled. The Continue Reading →