Journeys – Parkin Drawing Prize finalist 2023


Inspired by my winning sculpture “Mantle” in this year’s Driftwood and Sand beach art event in Hokitika, I decided to create “Journeys” – a smaller, more refined work – for my entry in the 2023 Parkin Drawing Prize.

Creating “Journeys”

Artwork entry

Journeys - sculptural wall hanging -Beach stones netted with muka (harakeke fibre), strung in chains from driftwood.

driftwood, stone, muka (harakeke/flax fibre)

900mm x 680mm x 60mm

Artist statement

The driftwood and stones were found on Hokitika beach. Each has unique intrinsic beauty that tells its journey story. It has been shaped by the forces of nature as it emerged from the earth, flowed down the river into the sea before being washed up on the beach.

The connecting and flowing muka threads are fibre extracted and processed from harakeke bushes growing in my garden near the beach. Harakeke has played a significant role in my creative journey and continues to do so as I respond to my environment in a sustainable way.

Reflect upon and celebrate journeys.

Parkin Drawing Award finalist

Packing it up

Opening night

The announcement of the Parkin Drawing Prize and the opening of the exhibition at the Academy Galleries on the Wellington waterfront is always a wonderful occasion.

The next day with different lighting and no people

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