First project on my new loom

For the first project on my new Ashford Katie 8-shaft loom*, I have woven a deflected double weave scarf using a 2ply merino yarn (cream) and two other fine yarns of unknown composition. It was an adaptation of a shawl in Handwoven magazine Jan/Feb 2009, Vol XXX, number 1, p44.

First project on Ashford Katie loom

It was partially felted when taken off the loom. The merino felted more readily than the other two yarns and I was pleased with the overall resulting sculptural effect.

However I did not like the colour as much and so over dyed it green/yellow.

Deflected double weave scarf
After dyeing green

* I put my prize voucher from the Ashford First Time Entrant award at the Creative Fibre national exhibition towards this loom.

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