First project on my new loom


First project on Ashford Katie loom

For the first project on my new Ashford Katie 8-shaft loom*, I have woven a deflected double weave scarf using a 2ply merino yarn (cream) and two other fine yarns of unknown composition. It was an adaptation of a shawl in Handwoven magazine Jan/Feb 2009, Vol XXX, number 1, p44.


It was partially felted when taken off the loom. The merino felted more readily than the other two yarns and I was pleased with the overall resulting sculptural effect.

Deflected double weave scarf

After dyeing green

However I did not like the colour as much and so over dyed it green/yellow.

* I put my prize voucher from the Ashford First Time Entrant award at the Creative Fibre national exhibition towards this loom.

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