Te Tai o Poutini Art Awards

I entered two art works into the inaugural Te Tai o Poutini Art Awards.


handwoven harakeke (NZ flax – phormium tenax); wire

820mm x 1600mm h x 80mm

Finalist and 3D Form – Highly commended

I am always looking at new ways of incorporating harakeke into my art work. This work is created from narrow strips looped and knotted in a technique taught to me by the late Tungia Baker. While I have made a few smaller works using the technique, this is the largest to date. It was created earlier in 2020 as part of a body of work with holes and curves for the Gold.Flax.Paper exhibition. The curve, a whiri/plait created from four whenu/strips woven around wire to keep its shape, allows the delicate golden work to float on the wall, creating interesting shadows. Images never do it full justice.

Slice of Paradise

handwoven harakeke (NZ flax – phormium tenax) natural and dyed

1070mm 800mm h

I feel so lucky and privileged to live on the West Coast/Te Tai o Poutini.  I have woven an artwork to celebrate this amazing environment using the raranga technique and harakeke which grows everywhere. The orientation is like a slice from a map with different layers:  sea/moana, coast/takitai, forest/ngahere, mountains/maunga, sky/rangi. The harakeke was grown in my garden and, apart from the coastal layer, was dyed in small

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