2021 Parkin Drawing Prize Finalist

I was very surprised but ecstatic to be selected as one of the 80 finalists out of 563 entries for this prestigious 2021 Parkin Drawing Prize.

Encouraged by my good friend and fellow artist, Kate Buckley, I entered  From My Garden, the first time I had entered the award. I removed two works from the original installation at the library and added a new one.

This is my artist statement.

This collection of objects “drawn” from my garden, combines my passion for plants and gardening with that for basketry weaving and fibre art. Originally created in March 2021 for a display board on my local library wall, it is an exploration within defined parameters. The available space was 1.2m x 2.4m; only plant materials grown in my garden would be used; and a variety of techniques was to be showcased. The result is seventeen objects created from fourteen plants using eleven techniques and assembled on a wall within boundaries defined by plant cordage, and is indeed “From My Garden”.

After receiving the good news about being shortlisted, my next challenge was to pack up the works with detailed installation instructions and then get them to New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Academy Galleries in Wellington. 

It was very special and humbling to see From My Garden installed in the gallery alongside the other amazing finalists at the opening event on 2 August. Then, an even bigger thrill to get a call from the gallery to say the installation had been sold. 

I had no idea where the proposal I put together in July 2020 for an installation in my local library would lead to. It is already opening up further opportunities.

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