Works for Sale

Wanting some quality handwoven New Zealand-made art work or more functional items?

All items have been handwoven and dyed by me, Anne Daniel, and each is unique. Most are in locally sourced natural fibres.

I invite you to look through the following galleries of my functional and art works which are for sale.

Contact me if would like to purchase an item or if you would like me to weave you something special to order –  in your style, colour, size.

Much of my work can also be seen and purchased at the Hokitika Craft Gallery in Hokitika.

Wall art

Art works for the wall mainly in harakeke

You can see previous works which have been sold, gifted or are in my own collection here.

If you would like to purchase a work or have me weave you something special to order –  in your style, colour, size, please contact me


A selection of cylinders woven in natural and dyed harakeke (New Zealand flax – phormium tenax) which are for sale – $65 – $80. These can be either hung on a wall or the wider ones can stand alone.  I can make to order for size and colour.

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Kete, containers and three dimensional works

Kete, pots, baskets and other three-dimensional objects which are for sale. If you are interested in any work or would like to weave something for special for you contact me.   You can see other  similar works that I have made here.

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Loom weaving

Some works I have handwoven on a loom.

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You can see other  handwoven works off my looms  here.

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